The Sydney Writers’ Festival Internship Program is open to applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students attending a Sydney-based university as part of an enrolled course in 2022.

The internship program is designed to facilitate learning within a collaborative office environment, as well as offer practical experience working on a large-scale festival event. Each role has been designed according to specific learning outcomes. The internship program also provides valuable opportunities for students to network with professionals in Sydney’s thriving arts and cultural events industry.

Sydney Writers’ Festival is committed to ensuring students can maintain their study load alongside their internship commitment, offering a flexible working environment. Interns will be able to negotiate the days and times they are able to attend the Sydney Writers’ Festival head office in The Rocks and may be able to complete some tasks remotely. However, it is important that interns schedule availability during the Festival week, Monday 16 May–Sunday 22 May 2022, so that they can see their contribution come to fruition during the Festival.

Completing my internship here gave me the experience I needed to take my next step in finding a job I’m passionate about.

Jen Shen, 2019 SWF Marketing Intern

Former interns share their experiences

Claire Keenan, 2019 SWF Publicity Intern 

“I started the job with no experience as a publicist, let alone for Australia’s largest literary event. However, I learnt quickly that I had to diligently ask questions, and that this was definitely a ‘learn as you go’ type job.” 

Read more about how an internship with the Festival supported Claire's journey to become a producer at Junkee Media


Jennifer Shen, 2019 SWF Marketing Intern

I undertook a marketing internship with the Sydney Writers' Festival in 2019 while I was in my second last year of university. I was really indecisive about what I wanted to do once I finished university, so more than anything, the opportunity to work directly at one of Sydney's most iconic festivals was vital in helping me make the decision to pursue a career working in the arts industry.

This internship gave me a look into marketing in the arts industry and taught me what to expect. You'll be able to experience a bit of everything, be it the creative process behind developing fun, engaging content that appeals to the senses, or delving into the statistics to analyse the impact of your marketing efforts. But that's not all there is! Surrounded by an amazing team, you'll be able to learn something from everyone in the Sydney Writers' Festival office, and draw on their experiences to learn about the work and dedication that goes into creating a spectacular event, as well as the arts industry at large.

Working in the arts industry such a great way to be involved with some great initiatives, events, and projects, and see it all come together. Completing my internship here gave me the experience I needed to take my next step in finding a job I’m passionate about.

If you’re an avid reader or interested in the book world, would love a chance to see some culturally significant public figures speak, are curious about the arts industry, or are looking for a pathway into marketing, this is definitely the internship for you.