Live & Local

Sydney Writers’ Festival is Australia’s largest forum celebrating books and ideas in the southern hemisphere. The Festival brings the world’s finest authors and esteemed thinkers to your area in real time through the Live & Local project.

When the program was piloted in 2015, Live & Local partnered with just 10 streaming partners across NSW. In 2021, we were proud to have 50 partners streaming at 68 venues across every state and territory in Australia, spanning locations such as Broome, Belmont and Byron Bay.

[Sydney Writers’ Festival] brought an exciting event to our community that our residents absolutely loved. They cannot wait to join in next year. The format allowed for them to engage with others that enjoyed similar interests and make new connections that otherwise would not have occurred.

Live & Local partner organisation, Mackay, QLD

In 2022, Sydney Writers’ Festival will once again stream live events for our local partner organisations throughout the Festival. This offering to our audiences provides access to new ideas across the nation, and the opportunity to participate in sessions by sending questions direct to the Sydney stage.

Join us as we celebrate books, interrogate truths and challenge ideas. If your organisation would like to be part of the 2022 Live & Local program, please fill out the Expression of Interest form.  

Being so remote from the capital city of Western Australia, [Live & Local] gives an option to attend and be a part of the Festival. Attendees stayed between sessions and chatted, had a cup of coffee and made valuable social links in the community.

Live & Local attendee, Broome, WA