Judith Lucy is known as a performer for her radical, even brutal honesty. Over a celebrated career as one of this country’s finest stand-ups, she’s sardonically laid herself bare in the name of laughs. But as an author she’s equally forthcoming, with her memoirs The Lucy Family Alphabet and Drink, Smoke, Pass Out both bestsellers. Now she’s back with her new book Turns Out, I’m Fine. Judith joins Walkley Award–winning reporter Jan Fran for a heart-wrenching and hilarious discussion about disappointing relationships, giving up on men, the life-changing impact of introspection and what it actually means to be fine.

This podcast was recorded live at the 2021 Sydney Writers' Festival and is available on all major podcast platforms. 

Judith Lucy (Australian)

Judith Lucy

Judith Lucy is the bestselling author of The Lucy Family Alphabet (winner of an ABIA for best biography) and Drink, Smoke, Pass Out. She has also performed numerous one-woman shows (most recently the acclaimed Judith Lucy Vs Men) and the recent smash hit Disappointments, with good friend Denise Scott; won numerous awards (including the 2017 Melbourne Comedy Festival’s People’s Choice Award); created two ABC TV series (Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey and Judith Lucy Is All Woman) and one ABC podcast (Overwhelmed and Dying); and swum with whales. Judith’s new book, Turns Out, I'm Fine, was published in April 2021.

Jan Fran (Australian)

Jan Fran

Jan Fran is an Australian Walkley Award–winning journalist and social commentator. She is the writer and creator of the viral internet opinion segment The Frant and is also known for her work on The Feed on SBSVICELAND, The Project on Network Ten and the ABC podcast, The Pineapple Project. Jan has shot and produced documentaries from all over the world and appears regularly on Australian television as a social commentator. She is an ambassador for Plan International Australia where she advocates for women and girls. Her strong reporting on women’s issues earned her a 2018 Walkley nomination for Women’s Leadership in Media. Her memoir Of Middle Eastern Appearance will be published in 2021.