"Hold on to the goodness this country offers. Because the only other option is to fall into despair and given the stakes, that’s not actually an option." – Benjamin Law

What a lucky country we are – sunburnt, egalitarian, no worries. But look beyond the marketing slogan and you may start to wonder: where the bloody hell are you? In this special highlight from the SWF Great Debate – moderated by the unsparing Jennifer Byrne – journalist, columnist, TV screenwriter and author Benjamin Law argues that maybe Australia isn’t so bad. After all, there’s universal healthcare, gun control, MasterChef…it’s enough to make Benjamin strip down on stage at Sydney Town Hall to reveal a Southern Cross ‘tattoo’. 

This podcast was recorded live at the 2021 Sydney Writers’ Festival and is available on all major podcast platforms. 

Benjamin Law (Australian)

Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law is a journalist, columnist, TV screenwriter and author of The Family Law, Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East and Quarterly Essay 67: Moral Panic 101. The Family Law is an award-winning TV series for SBS that Benjamin created and co-wrote over three seasons. His debut stage play, Torch the Place, premiered at Melbourne Theatre Company in 2020.