Get buzzed about insects and all the astonishing things they do. Did you know that without flies there would be no chocolate? Insects might even become the next superfood landing on your plate. Join Dr Bryan Lessard, aka Bry the Fly Guy and author of Eyes on Flies, as he takes you on a huge adventure into the microscopic world of our tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) insect friends. Learn about the most beautiful, bravest and bizarre bugs in the garden and how they might help us save the world! You won’t bee-lieve what you hear! Recommended for ages six and up.

Bryan Lessard (Australian)

Bryan Lessard

Bry the Fly Guy is Dr Bryan Lessard, an award-winning Australian entomologist, science communicator and author of the children's book Eyes on Flies. He has named 50 species of flies, most famously the eye-catching Beyoncé and RuPaul flies. Bryan is passionate about sharing his love of insects with the world and hopes to inspire the next generation of nature-loving scientists.