Ruby Jones host of Schwartz Media's 7am podcast, discusses today's news with Rick Morton and Mike Seccombe.

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Mike Seccombe (Australian)

Mike Seccombe

Mike Seccombe is an Australian journalist. He is The Saturday Paper national correspondent.

Rick Morton (Australian)

Rick Morton

Rick Morton is an award-winning journalist and author of three non-fiction books.  My Year Of Living Vulnerably  documents the rediscovery of love after a Complex PTSD diagnosis. His debut memoir,  One Hundred Years of Dirt, became a national bestseller and was a finalist in multiple awards. He is also the author of  On Money. Rick is  a senior reporter at  The Saturday Paper  where he covers social policy, national affairs and science. His most recent book, Growing Up In Country Australia, was published in 2022.

Ruby Jones (Australian)

Ruby Jones

Ruby Jones is a Walkley-nominated investigative journalist and documentary host who has worked across Australia. She is now the host of 7am, Australia's number one daily news podcast. She was previously the Marchbanks Young Journalist of the Year. Her non-fiction book Barrenjoey Road was released in 2021.