Children’s author and science writer, Cristy Burne, has climbed an erupting volcano, descended into the crater of an extinct volcano, and can even spell volcano! Also, Cristy’s latest books — comedy adventure Wednesday Weeks and the Dungeon of Fire and narrative biography Suzy Urbaniak: Volcano hunter and STEAM warrior — both feature volcanoes. Join Cristy to explore books, creativity, science and fun with marshmallow blasts, mini-rockets and maybe even an explosion or two (if you've been good). Expect the unexpected. Recommended for ages six and up.

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Cristy Burne (Australian)

Cristy Burne

Cristy Burne writes at the intersection of story, science, technology and creativity. She has worked at CERN (home of the Large Hadron Collider!), performed in a science circus, and exploded sewage on her neighbour. Cristy’s books have been shortlisted for numerous awards and she won the 2022 WA Young Readers Book Award. Cristy’s work includes the Aussie STEM Stars biography of volcano hunter Suzy Urbaniak, the survival adventure Beneath The Trees, and the co-authored Wednesday Weeks science-meets-fantasy series of comedy adventures.

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