What are the stories from our past that remain untold? Katrina Nannestad’s latest novels, including Waiting for the Storks, are set in Europe either during or post World War II. Amelia Mellor’s (The Bookseller’s Apprentice) novels are set in late 19th century Melbourne and take their inspiration from the Cole’s Book Arcade. While Katrina’s books are firmly rooted in reality, Amelia uses a historic time and place as a launching pad for fantastical adventures. Hear why both authors are so attracted to our past and how they approach the issue of historic accuracy.

Recommended for ages nine and up.

Amelia Mellor (Australian)

Amelia Mellor

Amelia Mellor is the award-winning author of middle-grade historical fantasy hits, The Grandest Bookshop in the World (2020) and The Bookseller’s Apprentice (2022). She grew up in regional Victoria and trained as a writer on the school bus, until she became the school playwright in Year 11. Amelia has an Honours degree in creative writing and a Masters degree in teaching. She lives in Melbourne and enjoys her tropical fish, painting and drawing, and spotting wildlife.

Katrina Nannestad (Australian)

Katrina Nannestad

Katrina Nannestad is an multi award-winning children’s author who writes historical fiction, mystery, action and humor. She celebrates family, friendship and belonging in her writing and loves to create stories that bring hope and joy to others. Katrina’s books include Waiting for the Storks, Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief, We Are Wolves, and The Girl Who Brought Mischief. Her series include The Travelling Bookshop, The Girl, the Dog and the Writer, Lottie Perkins, Olive of Groves, and Red Dirt Diaries.