Join Australian Financial Review journalist Neil Chenoweth, Guardian Australia’s Paul Farrell andFour Corners reporter Marian Wilkinson, as they discuss two of the biggest stories of last year; The Panama Papers and The Nauru Files. Both investigations were the result of leaked documents, had significant public and political impacts and highlighted the changing way that journalists are using data and are working together to get the story. Moderated by Gold Walkley-winning journalist Anne Davies.

Presented in partnership with the Walkley Foundation.

Marian Wilkinson (Australian)

Marian Wilkinson

Marian Wilkinson is a multi-award winning journalist with a career spanning radio, television and print. She has covered politics, national security, refugee issues and climate change. She was a foreign correspondent in Washington DC for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and also deputy editor of The Sydney Morning Herald, executive producer of ABC’s Four Corners and a senior reporter for the program. In 2018 she was inducted into the Australian Media Hall of Fame. Her books include the political biography The Fixer and Dark Victory co-authored with David Marr. Her latest book, The Carbon Club, investigates Australia’s fraught climate change policy.