What do German-Jewish painter Charlotte Salomon, revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg and Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe have in common? According to academic and author Jacqueline Rose, they are women in ‘dark times’ with the courage to bring the unspeakable to light. She talks to ABC RN’s Sarah Kanowski about her visionary book Women in Dark Times, which ranges across the last century and into today’s reality, arguing vigorously that the work of feminism is far from done. 

Sarah Kanowski (Australian)

Sarah Kanowski

Sarah Kanowski hosts ABC Radio’s Conversations on Thursdays and Fridays. Before joining Conversations permanently in 2018, Sarah co-presented ABC RN’s Books and Arts. She studied English at the University of Oxford, where she wrote a thesis on the Mosley family. Sarah then spent a year in South America before heading to Hobart to edit the literary magazine Island. Grandparents and sunshine beckoned her back to Brisbane where she now lives with her husband and three children.