In an era when a majority of internet users now consume news through social media, former New York Times executive editor (and author of Merchants of TruthJill Abramson, Head of News at BuzzFeed Australia Marni Cordell and ABC Digital Lead Scott Mitchell talk with former Melbourne University Publishing chief executive Louise Adler about how this algorithm-led battleground for politics and culture has changed how we see the world. They’ll consider what we may be missing in this age of shareable content, whether news has to be more sensationalised and faster to capture our attention, and how can we be vigilant about truth telling. 

Jill Abramson (International)

Jill Abramson

Jill Abramson was the first female executive editor of The New York Times (2011 to 2014). During her seventeen years at the paper she was also the first woman to serve as its managing editor and as its Washington bureau chief. Before joining the Times, she spent nine years at the Wall Street Journal. She is now a senior lecturer at Harvard University and writes a bi-weekly column for The Guardian about US politics. Merchants of Truth is her definitive inside story of the disruption of the news over the last decade.

Marni Cordell (Australian)

Marni Cordell

Marni Cordell is head of news at BuzzFeed Australia. She's a former editor of Crikey and has also done stints at The Australian and ABC, and written for The Guardian.

Scott Mitchell (Australian)

Scott Mitchell is the Digital Lead at ABC Audio Current Affairs, working with programs like AM, PM and The World Today as well as Background Briefing and Radio National Breakfast and Drive to navigate digital publishing and social media. He is a former member of the ABC’s Youth Current affairs TV series Hungry Beast, a producer of the Rose D’Or winning TV series You Can’t Ask That and the former Senior Editor of VICE News Australia.

Louise Adler (Australian)

Louise Adler

Louise Adler is on the Executive Commitee of the International Publishers Association and the Freedom to Publish subcommittee. Earlier this year she stepped down as MUP's Chief Executive after 15 wonderful years.