Sydney high school teacher Eddie Woo became Australia’s most unlikely celebrity after his high-energy maths classes made his YouTube channel, ‘Wootube’, a viral sensation. Whether he’s explaining the curve of a rainbow or why left-handed people aren’t extinct, every subject in Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths is vitalised by Eddie’s enthusiasm, humour and heart. Local Hero of the Year and one of the Global Teacher Prize’s top 10 teachers in 2018, Eddie joins ABC’s James Valentine to talk all things maths.

Eddie Woo (Australian)

Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo is the author of Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths. He teaches mathematics at Cherrybrook Technology High School and uploads his everyday classroom lessons to his Youtube channel, Wootube, which has over 450,000 subscribers and more than 24 million views. In 2018, he was named Australia’s Local Hero in the Australian of the Year Awards and listed as one of the Top 10 Teachers in the world by the Global Teacher Prize.

James Valentine (Australian)

James Valentine

James Valentine has presented Afternoons on ABC Radio Sydney for twenty years. At some point he's done something for all major media outlets. He's written a children's book series, JumpMan. He began life as a musician working for major Australian bands and performers such as Models, Jo Camilleri and Wendy Matthews.