Walkley Award–winning writer, novelist and feminist Jane Caro has long harboured a secret obsession: Princess Diana. Join the Accidental Feminists author as she attempts to unravel her enduring fascination with the People’s Princess and asks why, despite her better sense, she remains so utterly captivated. What it is about the memory of the glittering, delicate and troubled royal that resonates so deeply with so many women, and why does the fairytale gone wrong continue to capture our collective imagination?

Jane Caro (Australian)

Jane Caro

Jane Caro is a Walkley Award-winning columnist, author, novelist, broadcaster, advertising writer, documentary maker, feminist and social commentator. She has published twelve books, including three novels Just a Girl, Just a Queen, and Just Flesh & Blood, a trilogy on Elizabeth Tudor, and a memoir Plain Speaking Jane. She created and edited Unbreakable which featured stories women writers had never told before and was published just before the Harvey Weinstein revelations. Accidental Feminists is her book on the life story of women over 50. She appears frequently on Q&A, The Drum, Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise. She has created and presented four documentary series for ABC Compass. She and Catherine Fox present a popular podcast with Podcast One, Austereo called Women With Clout. She has regular columns in Sunday Life and Leadership Matters.

Nadia Bailey (Australian)

Nadia Bailey

Nadia Bailey is an author, journalist and critic. She has published three non-fiction books on popular culture, and her short fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction has been widely represented in journals and independent presses. She is a current recipient of the Midsumma Futures Fellowship, a creative development program for emerging queer artists.