Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson’s Merchants of Truth is one of the year’s most anticipated books, billed as a definitive and in-the-room account of the battle between the titans of traditional media (The New York Times and The Washington Postand upstart digital players (Buzzfeed and VICE). Following the book’s publication, Jill has been accused of factual errors and plagiarism – charges she refutes. In conversation with Guardian Australia’s Editor Lenore Taylor, Jill will reflect on how cherished journalistic principles are challenged in the age of clickbait, the criticism of Merchants of Truth, and how quality reporting can withstand a business model beholden to advertising and social media.

Supported by the University of Sydney.

Events in Bay 17 at Carriageworks are closed-captioned.

Jill Abramson (International)

Jill Abramson

Jill Abramson was the first female executive editor of The New York Times (2011 to 2014). During her seventeen years at the paper she was also the first woman to serve as its managing editor and as its Washington bureau chief. Before joining the Times, she spent nine years at the Wall Street Journal. She is now a senior lecturer at Harvard University and writes a bi-weekly column for The Guardian about US politics. Merchants of Truth is her definitive inside story of the disruption of the news over the last decade.

Lenore Taylor (Australian)

Lenore Taylor

Lenore Taylor is editor-in-chief of Guardian Australia. She was previously a political editor and commentator for almost three decades and a foreign correspondent. She has won two Walkley awards and twice won the Paul Lyneham award for excellence in press gallery journalism. She co-authored Shitstorm – an account of the Labor government's response to the global economic crisis.