Having co-authored the much-loved Monsarrat series with her father Tom, Meg Keneally debuts her first solo novel, Fled, a gripping historical adventure based on the extraordinary life of convict Mary Bryant. Fled tells the story of an English mother and highwaywoman who is banished to the penal colony of Australia. When famine hits, she becomes the leader of a daring and potentially fraught escape plot. Meg speaks with Nicole Abadee about her heart-wrenching story of one woman’s lifelong search for freedom.

Meg Keneally (Australian)

Meg Keneally

Meg Keneally’s first solo novel Fled tells the tale of one of history’s most daring escapes and is based a true story. She is currently working on her second solo novel The Wreck. Meg is co-author with her father Tom Keneally of the Monsarrat Series of historical crime novels. The fourth in the series is The Ink Stain.

Nicole Abadee (Australian)

Nicole Abadee

Nicole Abadee is the books writer for The Australian Financial Review Magazine and she also writes about books from time to time for Good Weekend and Australian Book Review. She appears regularly as a facilitator at writers' festivals and is also a literary consultant, helping writers to get published.