The Olympics of storytelling is here, and there can be only one victorious pair! Two teams, each with an illustrator and an author, face off in a contest that promises to be colourful, cutthroat and completely outrageous. Creators of Real Pigeons Nest Hard, Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood, go head-to-head against Adam Wallace and James Hart, the duo who brought you Cowboy and Birdbrain. Find out who takes home this year’s crown with host ABC RN’s Carl Smith. Rec. 5+

Andrew McDonald (Australian)

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald is a children's author from Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of the Real Pigeons series, illustrated by Ben Wood, and two children's novels, The Greatest Blogger in the World and Son of Death. He has done many different jobs in his life including pancake chef and bookseller - but being an author and 'making up stories' is his all-time favourite.

Ben Wood (Australian)

Ben Wood

Ben Wood is a children's illustrator based in Victoria. He has illustrated over 25 books and is currently working with Andrew McDonald on the hilarious new series Real Pigeons. Other titles include Blast Off! by Shelly Unwin, and the Squishy Taylor series by Ailsa Wild. When not in the studio, Ben runs presentations and workshops in schools across Australia.

James Hart (Australian)

James Hart

James Hart grew up loving comics, cartoons and drawing. After finishing his studies he turned that passion into a full time career. Over the years he has worked on toy designs, animations and books for multiple clients and publishers across the world, including illustrating the poster for the Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge. His new series for children, Cowboy and Birdbrain that he illustrated and co-created with Adam Wallace was released March, 2019.

Adam Wallace (Australian)

Adam Wallace

Even with over a million sales, books on the New York Times bestseller Llst, being a question on Jeopardy, and having a book read at the White House, Adam Wallace still loves taking afternoon naps. Adam has visited over 300 schools, mostly to do workshops, but sometimes to get a free lunch, which is tricky as he has many allergies. Adam's latest book, Cowboy and Birdbrain, is his first with Scholastic, and his tenth with awesome illustrator James Hart.

Carl Smith (Australian)

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is a science nerd/reporter at ABC Science, who also co-hosts the kids’ podcasts Short & Curly, and Pickle. He’s made documentaries, presented the ABCTV series Minibeast Heroes, and was a reporter on ABCME’s Behind the News, a role which found him interviewing the head of NASA, reporting from inside a nuclear reactor, and dressing up as Batman!