Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics experts predict that in less than half a century, we will have built machines as intelligent as us. But what will this future look like? 2062: The World that AI Made is Toby Walsh’s gripping appraisal of the impact AI and automation will have on labour, war, economics and everyday life. Toby, one of the world’s foremost AI researchers, talks to ABC’s Carl Smith about how machines might blitz our own capabilities and even imperil humanity itself.

Toby Walsh (Australian)

Toby Walsh

Toby Walsh is Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW. He was named by The Australian newspaper as a "rock star" of Australia's digital revolution. He is a strong advocate for limits to ensure AI is used to improve our lives. He is a leading voice in the debate around lethal killer robots, speaking at the UN in New York and Geneva on the topic. He is a Fellow of the Australia Academy of Science. He appears regularly on TV and radio, and has authored two books on AI for a general audience, the most recent entitled 2062: The World that AI Made.

Carl Smith (Australian)

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is a science nerd/reporter at ABC Science, who also co-hosts the kids’ podcasts Short & Curly, and Pickle. He’s made documentaries, presented the ABCTV series Minibeast Heroes, and was a reporter on ABCME’s Behind the News, a role which found him interviewing the head of NASA, reporting from inside a nuclear reactor, and dressing up as Batman!