As the co-founder of Lonely Planet, Tony Wheeler has inspired generations of intrepid travellers to explore the four corners of the planet. But in an age where travel is more accessible than ever, what does it really mean to have been ‘everywhere’? Join Tony as he reflects on the most accomplished adventurers he knows, the unticked destinations on his wish list, and the challenges and rewards of visiting some of the world’s more remote and difficult destinations.

Tony Wheeler (Australian)

Tony Wheeler

A trek along Asia’s ‘hippie trail’ in 1972 led to the creation of travel publisher Lonely Planet (alongside his wife Maureen) and for the New York Times to describe Tony as ‘the trailblazing patron saint of the world’s backpackers and adventure travelers.’ Since the sale of Lonely Planet Tony has been involved with Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas and the Planet Wheeler Foundation’s developing world projects. His latest book On Travel is another excuse to continue to travel a lot.

Sam Shpall (Australian)

Sam Shpall

Sam Shpall is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney. He has taught at the University of Southern California, Yale University, and the Yale Law School. He also worked in four New York State Correctional Facilities as a faculty member of the Bard Prison Initiative. Dr. Shpall’s main interests are in ethics, moral psychology, social philosophy, and the philosophy of literature. He is currently writing about love, friendship, and Elena Ferrante.