Benjamin Law talks with three reporters who have each been the victim of online trolling about the rise of cyberhate. ABC’s Osman Faruqi, Troll Hunting author Ginger Gorman and Guardian Australia’s Jennine Khalik each share their stories, examine the mindset and motivations of cyberbullies, discuss the rise of ‘doxxing’ (publishing private information about somebody) and reflect on a cohort of mostly angry young white men who have emerged from websites like 4Chan and Reddit to spread their animus in increasingly coordinated ways.

Ginger Gorman (Australian)

Ginger Gorman

Ginger Gorman is an award-winning social-justice journalist based in Canberra, Australia. In 2013, Ginger and her family suffered the effects of online hate first-hand, and it was this experience that set Ginger on her professional journey into the world of trolls. In 2017 her series of articles on trolling for Fairfax newspapers in Australia went viral, and became some of the most read Australian stories of the year. She is now in demand as an expert on online hate, and has written and spoken extensively about trolling and social media self-defence in Australian and global contexts. Her book Troll Hunting is a deep dive into the world of online hate and its human fallout - from both the victims' perspective and the trolls' view.

Osman Faruqi (Australian)

Osman Faruqi

Osman Faruqi is the Deputy Editor of ABC Life and was formerly Junkee Media’s News Editor. He regularly presents on ABC News’ culture and arts program, The Mix, and has worked on the ABC’s award winning investigative journalism program Background Briefing. He has written for The Guardian, GQ, and The Australian on politics and culture. He is a two-time judge of the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

Jennine Khalik (Australian)

Jennine Khalik

Jennine Khalik is a Sydney-based journalist, producer and writer for the ABC, The Guardian, VICE; and previously The Australian and NewsLocal.

Benjamin Law (Australian)

Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law is a journalist, columnist, TV screenwriter and author of The Family Law, Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East and Quarterly Essay 67: Moral Panic 101. The Family Law is also an award-winning TV series for SBS which Benjamin created and co-wrote over three seasons.