Can a writer disconnect their spiritual self from their writing? Should they try? What happens if they don’t? Join author, historian and host of ABC RN’s Soul Search Meredith Lake as she puts the God question to award-winning Australian writers including Anna McGahan, Claire Zorn, Scott Monk and Susannah McFarlane. Together they explore how writers bring a religious voice to their narratives and question how secular the Australian literary landscape is today.  

Supported by Bible Society Australia.

Anna McGahan (Australian)

Anna McGahan

Anna McGahan received the Queensland Young Playwright’s Award in 2008 and 2009, and was short-listed for the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award in 2010. In 2016 she co-wrote the independent poetry/theatre piece The People of the Sun, which toured Melbourne and Sydney. She was shortlisted for The Horne Prize in 2016, and writes regular essays on spirituality, creativity and embodiment on her blog. Her first book, Metanoia: A Memoir of a Body Born Again, will be released in September 2019.

Claire Zorn (Australian)

Claire Zorn

Claire Zorn is the author of three novels for young adults: The Sky So Heavy, The Protected and One Would Think the Deep. Published to critical acclaim both nationally and internationally, her novels have won multiple awards, most notably the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards for Young Adult Fiction, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards – Young Adult Fiction Prize, the Western Australia Premier's Book Award for Young Adult Fiction and the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year (Twice).

Scott Monk (Australian)

Scott Monk

Young Adult writer and journalist Scott Monk is a Sydney-based author of four gritty teenage fiction novels and a middle-school fantasy book. His second novel Raw was on the HSC list between 2001-2008 and was repeatedly nominated as the only book most students had ever finished reading during high school. He now mentors young writers while working as a sub-editor at The Australian newspaper. His key interests are God, religion and footy.

Susannah McFarlane (Australian)

Susannah McFarlane

Susannah McFarlane has written over 80 books for children including the short-listed EJ Girl Hero series which has sold over one million copies in English and translation. Her most recently published book is Fairy Tales for Feisty Girls which could not be more different from her current non-fiction project for The Bible Society, The Who? What? Why? How? Story of Christmas. Before she crossed over, Susannah was a Children's Book Publisher and Marketing Director in both Australia and the UK.

Meredith Lake (Australian)

Meredith Lake

Meredith Lake is the host of Soul Search on Radio National, a show about the lived experience of religion. Her books include The Bible in Australia: a cultural history and Faith in Action: HammondCare – a critical study of one of Australia's largest but least known Christian charities. She has a PhD from the University of Sydney, where she has also taught courses in Australian history.