Acclaimed No Country Woman author Zoya Patel takes a dive into the enduring cultural phenomenon of the ‘token ethnic friend’. She examines how the entertainment industry continues to pay lip-service to diversity, looking through the lens of characters of colour including Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls and Dionne from Clueless. She also looks at how, when the tables are flipped in movies like Bend it Like Beckham, a white cast member can be afforded more screen time and agency.

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Zoya Patel (Australian)

Zoya Patel

Zoya Patel is the author of No Country Woman, a memoir of race, religion and feminism. Zoya is also the founding editor of Feminartsy, and former Editor-In-Chief of Lip Magazine. Zoya was Highly Commended in the Scribe Publishing Non-Fiction Prize 2015, was the 2014 recipient of the Anne Edgeworth Young Writers’ Fellowship, and was named the 2015 ACT Young Woman of the Year.

Jadey O’Regan (Australian)

Jadey O’Regan

Dr Jadey O'Regan facilitates the Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Music Practice) program at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music at the University of Sydney. In 2014, she was awarded her PhD titled When I Grow Up: The Development of the Beach Boys' Sound, which analysed the development of the distinctive sound of the Beach Boys between 1962 and 1966. Her research has been published in the book Good Vibrations: Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys in Critical Perspective (Ed. Philip Lambert) and research has been presented both in Australia and internationally. Her research interests include the musical analysis of pop music, pop hooks, empirical musicology and music in the 1990s. She is also an established musician and songwriter, and a performing session musician across a variety of genres.