Explore 13.8 billion years of history in one Festival session? No problem! Award-winning scientist, educator and author Christopher Lloyd Absolutely Everything! presents an epic history of the world using everyday objects you pick out from his magician’s coat pockets. From the big bang and ancient China to the industrial revolution, join this fast-paced and rollicking ride through time, accompanied by a life-sized edition of the Big History Timeline Wallbook. Hosted by Oliver Phommavanh. Recommended for ages seven and up.

Christopher Lloyd (International)

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd is a UK -based author, lecturer and non-fiction storyteller. He is a graduate in history from Peterhouse, Cambridge, and a former Sunday Times science correspondent. His range of non-fiction books have been published in fifteen languages and include What on Earth Happened?, Humanimal and The Story of the World in 100 Species.

Oliver Phommavanh (Australian)

Oliver Phommavanh

Oliver Phommavanh loves to make people laugh on the page as an children's author and on the stage as a comedian. Oliver uses his experience as a primary school teacher to inspire kids to write funny stories. He has featured in Writers and Comedy festivals all across Australia and Asia. Oliver's books include Don't Follow Vee, Natural Born Loser, The Other Christy and Thai-riffic! His next book is Brain Freeze.