Join us for a recording of Stop Everything! from ABC Radio National. Hosts Beverley Wang and Benjamin Law ask international Festival stars about their ‘problematic faves’ – the pop culture icons, books and films they can’t help but love, against their better judgement.

Supported by the University of Sydney.

Benjamin Law (Australian)

Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law is a journalist, columnist, TV screenwriter and author of The Family Law, Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East and Quarterly Essay 67: Moral Panic 101. The Family Law is an award-winning TV series for SBS that Benjamin created and co-wrote over three seasons. His debut stage play, Torch the Place, premiered at Melbourne Theatre Company in 2020.

Beverley Wang (Australian)

Beverley Wang

Beverley Wang is a journalist, speaker and co-host of ABC RN’s pop culture show, Stop Everything! Beverley’s journalism experience ranges from print and wire service reporting to radio producing, presenting and podcasting. She is a former Executive Producer of RN Drive, and the creator and host of the It’s Not A Race, a popular ABC podcast about race, racism and identity. Originally from Canada, she’s been based in Melbourne since 2009.