Recently reissued, In the Cut is Susanna Moore’s 1995 subversive and stylish masterpiece. The erotic noir thriller follows Frannie Thorstin, a teacher who becomes entangled with a detective investigating a murder in pre-gentrification Manhattan. Later adapted into a film by Jane Campion, In the Cut reclaimed a genre of literary fiction that had been previously dominated by men. In this special event, Susanna joins Krissy Kneen to discuss her cult classic and why it still speaks loudly to readers about sex, death and male violence.

Susanna Moore (International)

Susanna Moore

Susanna Moore grew up in Hawaii. She has lived in New York for the last forty years, and teaches at Princeton University. She is the author of the novels The Life of Objects, The Big Girls, One Last Look, In the Cut, Sleeping Beauties, The Whiteness of Bones, and My Old Sweetheart, and two books of nonfiction, Light Years: A Girlhood in Hawai'i and I Myself Have Seen It: The Myth of Hawai'i. Her 1995 cult novel In the Cut was adapted to the screen in 2003, directed by Jane Campion, and starring Meg Ryan. It was reissued last year in the wake of #metoo. Her most recent book is her memoir of the ten years she spent in Los Angeles in the 70s, Miss Aluminum.

Krissy Kneen (Australian)

Krissy Kneen

Krissy Kneen is the award-winning author of nine books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She was shortlisted for the Stella Prize in 2018 and won the Thomas Shapcott Award in 2014. She has written and directed broadcast documentaries for SBS and ABC TV and is currently developing TV series and Feature films with STAN and SBS and Madman entertainment.