Primary School Days 2019

School Days is a fantastic opportunity for students to connect with their favourite authors, discover new ones and be inspired in a fun, educational and interactive way. In these hugely popular sessions, international and local writers perform from their work, talk about their creative process and take questions from the audience


Please arrive at 9.30am for a 10am start.

10am Adventure Time

Katherine Rundell begins each day with a cartwheel and lists tightrope walking among her hobbies — that is, when she’s not writing amazing books! Join Katherine as she shares the real life adventures that inspire her stories, lets you in on the nuts and bolts of her writing process, and shows you how to write your own adventure story.

10.45am Stories with Crash, Bang, Boom!

Hilarious dialogue. Rocket-fast action. Craziness mixed with humour and heart. R.A. Spratt, author of The Peski Kids series, brings humour, music and high-energy action to this session; as she shares how animation influences the way she writes books, reveals what she learned from writing for television, and inspires you to create your own wild plots full of mystery and adventure!

11.30am Lunch Break and Book Signings

With Katherine Rundell and R.A. Spratt

(We recommend students bring their own lunch.)

12.30pm Judy Moody Rules!

Get up close and personal with the creator of the world’s sassiest third-grader, Judy Moody! In this jam-packed session, Megan McDonald talks about how she comes up with the ideas for her books, shares funny family stories and uses weird and wonderful props to illuminate her writing process.

1.15pm Natural Born Loser

Growing up, Oliver Phommavanh always felt a little weird, left-field or just left out. But like the characters in his books, he wears his nerdy heart on his sleeve and lets his creativity shine. Find out how Oliver became a voice for the nerds, class clowns and crazy kids, and what inspired him to write Thairiffic!Con-nerd and his latest book, Natural Born Loser.

2pm Finish and Book Signings

With Megan McDonald and Oliver Phommavanh



For more information about Primary School Days, please contact us:

(02) 256 4200