We invited much-loved writer Benjamin Law to tell us in his own words which Festival events he’ll be eagerly attending – when he’s not on stage himself, that is. 

Catch Benjamin at the SWF Great Debate, interviewing Krissy Kneen and Rick Morton, discussing the virtues of TV villains and dissecting all things pop culture at ABC Radio National’s Stop Everything!.   

Faruqi on Faruqi

Saturday 1 May, 2.30pm | Carriageworks

“Two of Australia’s fiercest political powerhouses and groundbreakers: Australia’s first Muslim woman senator, and her award-winning journalist son. Individually, they’re two of my favourite people to follow on Twitter, and I admire their work so much. Together, I can’t wait to see them discuss politics, family, identity – and drag the shit out of each other on stage.” 

Growing Up Disabled in Australia

Sunday 2 May, 12pm | Carriageworks

“Editing Growing Up Queer in Australia – years after contributing to Growing Up Asian in Australia – was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career so far. So I’ve adored reading Carly Findlay’s expertly curated stories of what it was like for so many Australians – roughly one in five, in fact – to grow up with a disability, visible or otherwise.”  


Saturday 1 May, 8pm | Carriageworks

“Even thinking about Maeve Marsden’s Queerstories brings a big gay lump to my throat – a phrase I didn’t intend to sound so sexual and graphic. Nowadays, Queerstories spans live events, podcasts and a book, and I’ve never left a Queerstories event without laughing and having a good queer cry. Bring your rainbow tissues.”

Who’s Afraid of Big Tech?

Thursday 29 April, 8pm | Carriageworks

“The secret nerd in me – the one who subscribed to Wired and listens to Kara Swisher – is really invested in how big tech has changed our lives, and is likely to continue to. Big conversations about privacy, anti-trust, free speech and online radicalisation are huge global stories – and these panellists are some of the smartest analysts on the topics.”