Beat the boredom with these adventures kids can take at home. Need more ideas? Read Part 1 and Part 2. Kids can...

  • Learn to build their very own creative stories, thanks to a digibook from Sydney Story Factory that has all the right tricks
  • Become a powerful wizard by improving their spelling in this educational game, become a masterful editor and learn how to make a story more exciting – or have fun with the many games from ABC Education
  • Experiment with Questacon at Home! Make a balloon-powered car, learn about the adventures of an air force test pilot, create their own slime (a classic) and more  
  • Enjoy a bunch of creative and challenging online activities from the Powerhouse such as building a paper city, a rover for exploring Mars, a body puzzle or zine, or even design a bass guitar  
  • Work through their own lockdown conundrums and calming colouring-in with Allen & Unwin's wide range of downloadable activities inspired by children's books such as David Astle's Gargantuan Book of Words and Alison Lester's Wonderful World
  • Enjoy a story being read aloud by children with sound effects and all, thanks to Allen & Unwin's collection of read-aloud books