Zines, zoetropes and zoos – there’s so many things for young minds to learn, make and explore this week from the Art Gallery of NSW, Taronga Zoo, the Maritime Museum and more. 

  • Next week, join Tania McCartney (author of Smile Cry, Ivy Bird and Wonderful Shoes) for online storytime with the State Library of NSW. 
  • Build a wind turbine, learn how to identify a spider by its web and more in these online experiments for kids from the Australian Museum. Or journey through the Unsettled exhibition from home and reflect on the poetry of First Nations artists, guided by the Power Through Poetry Activity Book
  • The Art Gallery of NSW has designed a range of education resources for younger students with activities and thought-provoking questions on its collections, including a cabinet of curiosities
  • Watch artist Gail Mabo share the story behind her new artwork ‘Tagai’ and the importance of the constellation over the islands of the Torres Strait.
  • Hop on board at Creative Station for an imaginative adventure. From Casula Powerhouse, Creative Station is “a space where children use the power of imagination to curate, design and share their art experiences with the world".
  • Make your own zine with this kit from Sweet and Sour Group containing all the techniques of folding, binding and zine-storytelling. 
  • Questacon shows kids how to build a zoetrope – the flickering precursors of film.
  • Learn about life as a trader in Ancient Rome, weave a turtle, or play one of the many award-winning online games from the Maritime Museum’s collection of kids activities
  • Watch parrots learn to fly, meet an echidna puggle, go behind the scenes of a giraffe's 'bedroom' or check out the live streams of penguins, lions, capybaras and more with Taronga TV