Due to popular demand, we're happy to announce the release of new tickets to popular Sydney Writers' Festival events for 2019. With some of these previously sell-out affairs, be sure to get in quick and pick up a ticket before they max capacity again. 

Trent Dalton: Boy Swallows Universe, 2 May, 11:30am

Boy Swallows Universe is a coming-of-age story about love, crime, magic and fate by one of Australia’s most exciting new novelists, The Australian journalist Trent Dalton. On the violent fringes of 1980s Brisbane lives Eli, a 12-year-old boy with a mute brother, lost father, imprisoned mother and heroin-dealing stepdad. Trent chats with Matthew Condon about Eli’s search for love and friendship as they discuss this novel’s exhilarating fusion of originality, pathos, humour and charm.

Markus Zusak: Bridge of Clay, 2 May, 3pm

Bridge of Clay marks the long-awaited return of the internationally bestselling author of The Book Thief, Markus Zusak. The saga tells of an Australian family held together by stories, and a boy in search of greatness as a cure for a painful past. It has been lauded as “devastating, demanding and deeply moving” by The Wall Street Journal and “the kind of book that can be life-changing” by The New York Times. He joins Nicole Abadee.

Can You Spot a Liar? 3 May, 1:30pm

We lie to protect ourselves or others. We lie to avoid consequences. We lie to be cruel. Sometimes, we lie just because we can. Chris Taylor talks to three people who detect lies for a living – crime and corruption reporter Matthew Condon, Gold Walkley–award winning investigative journalist Kate McClymont and forensic psychiatrist Dr Calum Smith. They reflect on the crimes they’ve solved, the scandals they’ve exposed and the discoveries they’ve made about the inner workings of the deceitful mind.

Hedley Thomas: The Teacher’s Pet, 4 May, 10am

Join investigative reporter Hedley Thomas as he provides a behind-the-scenes account of his Gold Walkley Award–winning podcast The Teacher’s Pet, a global phenomenon with almost 30 million downloads. The podcast also generated fresh leads and witnesses that contributed to the arrest of Chris Dawson for the alleged murder of his wife Lynette in 1982. The Australian’s National Chief Correspondent shares the stage with Matthew Condon, unravelling the investigation, the police breakthrough and the latest developments in the case.

The Kingdom and the Power: Saudi Arabia, 4 May, 11:30am

Since becoming Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman has pushed a new public relations vision of a country in which women are free to drive, attend sporting matches and enjoy live music. But the arrest and torture of feminist activists, oppression of queer people, enduring male-guardianship laws and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi reveal a darker truth. Four Corners reporter Sophie McNeill joins Australian-based Saudi Manal al-Sharif – founder of the #WomenToDrive movement – and street artist, PhD candidate and creator of #IAmMyOwnGuardian, Ms Saffaa, to discuss women’s and queer rights in Saudi Arabia, experiences in the country, self-exile and hopes for the future.