Lawrence Mooney

This is Lawrence Mooney's bio and there's something he'd like to sort out from the get-go, all bios are written by the subject of the bio. There isn't some benevolent guardian angel going around heaping praise on people, it's written by them. So, let's cut the third person crap and get to the nitty gritty of my amazing life thus far. I have been lauded as one of the best comedians in this country, The Sydney Morning Herald wrote, "he's a fierce and fearless hunter of the funny and deserves his reputation as a local master of the form." Whoops my bad, I guess other people are heaping praise on me. Then this from the Herald Sun, "consistently funny, insightful, well-written, beautifully paced, well-honed stand up." I think you get the idea, I'm funny. As a result of my genius, I've had my own show on the ABC, Dirty Laundry Live, I've been nominated for the Barry Award (best show of the festival) three times at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and I hosted my own breakfast radio show for three years on Triple M Sydney. This is my first tilt at a book, but it should be pretty funny if those left-wing nut jobs from Crikey can be trusted, "Mooney is one of Australia's best and boldest, a ferocious farceur who makes great comedy look like a cakewalk." Enjoy.