Mohammad Awad

Mohammad Awad (AKA 3awadi) is a Queer/Arab/Muslim and writer/director/poet/playwright and musician who's running out of ways to express himself. He has written and directed short films such as The Flower, The Messenger and Beauty Marks. Raised in Western Sydney, Mohammad has also been honoured as Australia's National Youth Poetry Champion. Published in an anthology series Arab, Australian, Other as well as The University of Sydney Anthology Diversity, he is also one of the proud editors of the mental health anthology collection – Admissions. He has featured in every iconic West Ball, as well as in the Sydney Mardi Gras, Sydney Living Museums – After Dark, The ICC, Sydney Festival, Weave Youths' Mad Pride Concert, Word in Hand, Red Room Poetry, The Vanguard and Giant Dwarf Theatre. As well as being featured on ABC's hit TV Show Space 22, ABC's The Drum and SBS television, ABC Radio, SBS Radio, Eastside Radio, 2SER and FBI Radio.